Plasma Cutting Service – Plasma Cutting Services Are High Precision Methods of Durable Metal Cutting

Plasma cuttingPlasma cutting is a method applied to cut highly durable and thick materials with high precision. Cutting materials such as steel is an intricate process that requires the professional application of precision cutting equipment and can only be handled by trained and capable persons.
What is Plasma Cutting?
While the majority of the world recognizes the term plasma as applied to their high definition television screens, they rarely take the time to consider what plasma actually is. Plasma is the fourth state of matter, as it begins as a gas and then becomes ionized. As such, it is capable of conducting electricity.
By adding energy to an electrically neutral gas, plasma is created. In terms of plasma cutting, the plasma gas is applied as a compressed air. When electrical energy is applied to the plasma gas, its heat increases, creating a stronger cutting force to be projected from the plasma arc.
The plasma arc is the actual device used to apply the flow of this forceful energy to the materials to be cut. In laymen's terms, it can be thought of as the nozzle from which the ionized gas projects and is applied strategically to the material.
The plasma arc cutting machine controls this intense energy effectively. The high-intensity pressure is forced through the nozzle, a small concentrated outlet for the massive energy source. In turn, this force of energy and ionized gas can be used to cut the most durable and resistant materials.
Why Plasma Cutting?
There are a number of practical reasons that make plasma cutting a first choice amongst the various other metal cutting options. Not only is it one of the most tidy methods of intense cutting processes, it can also be applied to a wider range of materials than other methods.
Some of the advantages of selecting a plasma cutting service over other cutting services include:
  • Quicker cutting time
  • Does not require "heat-up” time, making it time efficient and convenient
  • The width of the cut is extremely precise
  • Unlike the application of other metal cutting methods, plasma cutting will not warp the edges of the metals from overheating them, leaving a smooth, clean edge
What Metals Can Plasma Cut?
As it is an electrically conducive substance, plasma can cut a wider range of materials more effectively than other methods of metal cutting. It can be applied to a range of electrically conductive metals and materials:
  • Stainless steel
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
As with the majority of technological and scientific advancements, the world has seen improvements in plasma cutting over the past 50 years. It developed out of plasma welding in the 1960s and professionals were quick to see its advantages over other metal cutting methods. Previously, other metal sources were used to cut metal, which was labor-intensive and not very precise. This left large metal chips and produced inaccurate lines and cuts.
Plasma cutting methods gave clean results and soon, professionals took to plasma-cutting services over any other. Since then, the world has seen plasma cutting evolve to a dependable and heavy-duty metal cutting service.
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